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NHSS 12 TTMBC (Temporary Traffic Management Basic Course)


Half Day



Skill Level



Multiple Choice Exam

Course Overview

The objective of this qualification is to give the learner an introduction to Traffic Management and help them become a competent and supportive member of a Traffic Management Team. This course can be taken without any prerequisites and should be taken by those who do not currently hold any NHSS12A/B/C/D registration cards or certificates. Learners will cover the following topics:

How long will it take me to achieve this qualification?

This qualification will take you just half a day to complete, and you will be awarded with a Lantra NHSS 12 TTMBC qualification.

How is the qualification assessed?

This qualification is assessed through the completion of a multiple choice examination, and you will be awarded a certificate if successful, from one of the UK’s most recognised awarding organisations for Traffic Management (Lantra Awards). This will be valid for only 6 months.

What's next?

On successful completion of this qualification, learners may wish to continue their development by undertaking our NHSS 12D T1/T2 Course & M1/M2 Assessment Working on Single Carriageways Course.

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